Solar Hot Water FAQ


  1. How does a Solar Hot Water system work?

    We install a solar collector onto your roof, either in-roof or on roof. Then we run pipes from the solar collector to a pump unit, usually situated in your loft or airing cupboard. This circulates a special solar fluid through a coil within the hot water cylinder and up to the solar collector. The suns radiation warms the fluid passing through the collector, in turn warming the water on the hot water cylinder.

  2. Will I see a benefit to having this system installed?

    Yes, you will definitely see a benefit. During the summer the solar system will account for 95% of your hot water demands if used correctly. During autumn, winter and spring you will see around 45-50% saving. Obviously this depends on the Great British weather! The high end panels we fit work when it is cloudy as well, as radiation is not stopped by clouds. You will see around a 1/3 to 2/3 saving on your annual gas/electricity bill depending on your house's current heating/hot water system.

  3. What about my current installed heating and hot water system, do I have to renew it?

    No, we can add our solar system to your existing system with minimum fuss. Whether you have a combination boiler, hot water cylinder or electric heating we can integrate our system. Your existing system works in harmony with the solar installation, topping up your hot water needs when not enough solar gain is available. Occasionally some modifications may be needed but this depends on a house to house basis. We normally recommend installing a new hot water cylinder specially suited to our system.

  4. Which system shall I buy?

    During our on-site inspection we can go through the options of what system will suit your needs. Whether it's an on-roof solar panel, or roof integrated like a Velux window. Both differ in price, and they differ in aesthetics. Some solar panels may require planning permission so please consult your local planning office prior to our site visit.

  5. How much does it cost and what about a time scale?

  6. There is no real set price on a solar installation; it differs greatly throughout different properties. Expect prices to start around £3000 mark for a simple installation of an on-roof kit. We aim to give you the best price possible, and will beat competitor’s prices if you provide us with a legitimate quote and specification. We aim to finish the installation in two days normally; any extra works, new boiler installation etc will add time on respectively.

  7. Why choose our company?

    We have over 40 years experience in the heating and plumbing trade. Noticing that gas will not be around one day we have stepped into the renewable energy sector of our trade. We thoroughly enjoy this area of our work and are passionate about learning more about green energies.

  8. Which solar manufacturer do you use?

    We use Vaillant Solar Hot water systems, which offer a 20 year guarantee on parts. They are a market leader in heating and green energy solutions, with superb quality. We do not use cheap imitations like other companies, we use the best possible systems we can, and it’s better for our customer in the long run; the systems are more efficient, better looking, designed to work in together and longer lasting. Alternatively we can offer the same set-up made by Glowworm.

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