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Our company can offer a great service at all levels, over half of our business is from a new build/renovation background, varying from 4 month contracts to well over a year. The size and specification of a job will not phase us, no matter what the project.

We have been part of some fantastic projects in the past, with a lot of experience to draw important knowledge from. As part of our service we offer full design and installation of all types of systems. We strive to give you the best system for your money and in a well organised and responsible time scale.

For all our installations, you get:

  • Excellent design, install and after sales service
  • Capable of handling large material and parts orders
  • Fully certified in all relevant areas
  • Over 40 years of experience in this area of work

Case Studies

Stoneham Lane - Biomass, district heating system

The client on this job needed a method to distribute a district heating system around a site of 11 houses, powered by a central boiler room consisting of two biomass boilers.

This is a very interesting project we are involved with and the first of its kind that we have had the chance with. The builder we sub-contract to has got this project which involves building 11 new houses to Code 6 standard; this basically means ZERO carbon. This among other things helps create homes which are so cheap in the way of running costs and produce their own energy. The code extends into all areas of the project including the building materials, waste and future provisions in the houses such as provision for a stair lift for example.

Plumbing-wise they are being heated by a single Biomass boiler using a district heating system. This means that each house is heated individually but the heat is produced by one single source, being the wood fuelled biomass boiler.

The heating pipe work is distributed from a central boiler house on site to each property using a pre-insulated pipe work ducting specially made for this purpose. District heating vastly reduces the amount of energy needed to heat each home and is very cost effective. Each house is monitored on how much heat they draw from the system by a special piece of software so they are charged accordingly.

Each house has an unvented hot water cylinder and a heating system. The water requirements are that each house should only be able to use a minimum amount of water at any time by limiting the flow through taps and toilets, and also using baths with less volume. Outside each property there will be a water butt to catch any rainwater for use on outside activities such as watering plants and cleaning the car.

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