Central Heating Types

Combination boiler - This type of boiler is ideal for flats or smaller homes. They provide instant hot water and central heating, one at a time. They require less space to install, no need for tanks or cylinders elsewhere, some can even fit into a standard kitchen cupboard. They need a suitable mains water flow and gas flow to work properly. This type of boiler has a smaller outlay compared to the other systems, but performance is compromised when installed in a larger family home; if you turn on a hot tap and somebody else turns on another hot/cold tap the water flow will drop severely.

Sealed System boiler - No need for any tanks in the roof, and coupled with a sealed hot water cylinder provides very good pressure hot water. This system can also be used with your normal vented hot water cylinder, if we change an older boiler which is open vent we normally install a System Boiler. The sealed system is a lot cleaner over its lifespan, due to no oxygen getting into the central heating system. Oxygen getting into the heating system can cause damage by producing oxides from the metals used in the boiler, radiators and pipe work. You may have come across the ‘black sludge’ found in old radiators. Less expensive to install than a combination boiler, but if you install it from new coupled with an unvented hot water cylinder it becomes a lot more expensive. If you install a fully sealed heating and hot water system it provides better hot water performance, you can use more than hot tap at a time with no loss of performance and also you can run central heating and hot water at the same time. Your incoming water main must meet certain criteria before you can install an unvented cylinder, it must have pressure greater than 1.5bar and flow of around 20ltrs/min. More suited for larger dwellings with more people.

Under floor heating - Still seen as a luxury installation but most people will be surprised. We can install whole house systems or a small room pack. Small room packs are ideal for bathrooms, conservatories and kitchens. It takes the chill off of tiled or wooden floors and gives a better all round heating of a room. It is run off of a normal boiler system using a special fully serviceable manifold/pump assembly. This system requires a lot of alteration to existing floors so is better suited to new extensions or new builds. It comes with a 25 year guarantee on all pipe and fittings.

Radiators - After you have installed your choice of boiler radiators are needed to radiate the heat made by your boiler. We can offer all types of radiators, budget, designer and towel rails. Just changing your radiators to a smaller radiator with the same heat output can save energy by reducing the amount of water in your system for the boiler to heat. Radiators are sized specifically to your room's size and materials, ensuring you get the right amount of heat.

Power flushing - When having a boiler change, a power flush is a good idea on and old system. It helps the system perform better. This is a process where chemicals and water are pumped through your central heating circuit at high pressure; this removes sludge that has built up in radiators. Sludge is made up of metal oxides, which comes from the inside of the radiator and on older boilers the cast iron heat exchanger. This sludge is very damaging, usually first affecting radiator valves and then the circulating pump. With these oxides inside your system it also makes it very inefficient as sludge is not a good conductor of heat, making your boiler work harder and damaging the heat exchanger. For more info please get in contact.

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