Central Heating Maintenance

The easiest way to care for your system is to maintain it regularly, in the form of boiler servicing, cleaning of the central heating water and general checks on the condition of components of your system.

We provide you with tailor made servicing options, servicing your boiler, flushing your system and refilling, checking all valves for correct operation and we check that all your system is up to date and saving you as much energy as possible.

Generally speaking a sealed central heating system is a lot easier to maintain due to air ingress being less than open vented system, reducing the build up of scale and metal oxides within the system. A cleaning of the system once a year and refilling it with added inhibitor will work wonders for the life of your boiler and other parts of your central heating.

If you have an open vented central heating system (tank in the loft) it is far more important you maintain it correctly to keep your system working correctly and efficiently. We recommend changing you central heating system to a sealed system should you renew your boiler, you can still keep your hot water cylinder; we just reconfigure your central heating and remove the tank from the roof. New valves and controls are normally installed in this scenario to really benefit from your new high efficiency boiler.

When installing a new boiler we fit a Liff Shortest or Cal-Lytic Mini scale reducers to the cold inlet as required by law. We also recommend a central heating filter or some sort, whether it be aMagnacleanFernox or Spirotech model, they all work at reducing damage to your new boiler and your central heating system in general. All the above items can be viewed and purchased in our showroom including fitting.


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