Central Heating Services - Case Study 3

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Our system design specification was simply; economical. The client wanted a new boiler and unvented hot water cylinder set up installed. The cylinder was to be relocated from downstairs to the loft space, mainly due to future plans to install a solar thermal hot water system. With this in mind, we fitted a twin coil Vaillant hot water cylinder. This leaves a coil spare inside the cylinder, onto which the solar system will be connected to heat the water.

As the cylinder was being relocated in a totally opposite location, we recommended installing a hot water return pump. This simply circulates the hot water around the hot water pipe work, meaning that hot water is available within a couple of seconds at any outlet. If we did not do this, the client would have had to wait around 1 minute for hot water to come out of the kitchen tap, the furthest tap from the hot water cylinder. The circulation pump is bronze bodied as to not produce rust and is smaller and vastly quieter than a conventional pump, often you cannot hear it if sat next to it. The pump is timed to be running during the daytime only as to prevent heat loss during the night.

The heating side of things were pretty simple, a new boiler complete with a Magnaclean Professional magnetic filter to protect the clients new pride and joy; Vaillant Ecotec Plus 624 system boiler. To make the system more economical than normal, we provided Vaillant controls which incorporate weather compensation. This consists of a programmable room stat, outdoor sensor and receiver unit, all of which are wireless. These controls take account of the temperature outside (outdoor sensor mounted north facing in the shade) and adapt the central heating flow temperature to suit; the cooler it is outside, the warmer the flow or radiators are. For example, during commissioning it was 16deg outside, this gave us a flow temperature of 42deg. As you can guess, heating the water to 42deg rather than the standard 70deg greatly reduces gas usage. Not only does it save energy, it also offers a far more comfortable heating method.

This system type is being requested more and more, and we can see why. It works seamlessly and offers superior comfort and economy compared with other system types and control methods.

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